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Shiffon puppies are a hybrid designer breed. The Shiffon is a cross between the pure breed Shih Tzu and the pure breed Brussells Griffon. The Shiffon puppy has a cute, fluffy, pushed in face, making it a fan favorite. They are considered so ugly, that they become cute! The Shiffon has a sweet and playful personality and are fantastic with children and other dogs. True companion lap dogs, a Shiffon puppy will be your best friend. Their fluffy coat is nonshedding and very good for people who have allergies to dogs. The coat of a Shiffon does require weekly brushing and combing. Their small bodies do not require much exercise and it is easy to own a Shiffon puppy in either an apartment or a house. Get your Shiffon puppy at Canine Corral today!

Average Life Span: 12 - 15 years.
Activity level: Moderate
Litter Size: 2 - 9 puppies.

Male Shiffon

  • Height: 10.0″-11.0″
  • Weight: 12.0-15.0 lbs.

Female Shiffon

  • Height: 8.0″-10.0″
  • Weight: 8.0-11.0 lbs.

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