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Testimonials for Canine Corral

Read some testimonials from our satisfied customers and see what they have to say about their healthy puppies, and friendly service they received from the knowledgeable staff at Canine Corral Kennels.

Canine Corral Kennels is committed to our customer satisfaction. Remember Canine Corral Kennels have been in business since 1963.

Tony, Donna, Blake, Tyler, and Texas

I would like to just say a great big THANK YOU! for helping us add our new addition to the family. Texas is a very healthy, happy, playful puppy and thanks to all your helpful hints and suggestions, he has adapted very quickly to our home. Growing very well @ 4 months and 60 lbs – Big Texas would also like to say Thank You!

We Love Him and He loves us – & again.

We all Thank You!

Tony, Donna, Blake, Tyler, and of course, Texas


Susan, Alan, Maressa, Jeremy, Arielle, and Tyler

Being part of the Canine Corral family has truly been a rewarding experience for our whole family.

Tyler (our Wheaton) is truly a great part of us. Your services right from the beginning was greatly appreciated. Its now 3 1/2 year later and Tyler still loves your food.

Thanks for being the terrific pet supplier. Even “Tyler” Thanks You – The Gellers

Susan, Alan, Maressa, Jeremy, Arielle, and Tyler

Vinny & Lisa

Recently my fiancé and I purchased our pug from you. We would just like to take the time to let you know what a pleasant experience it was. The time and the interest the three of you gave us was more than generous. We were a little hesitant on making a commitment on a dog because our wedding and the possibility of relocating.

Ira knew we wanted the dog and did everything possible to make sure we had it, even volunteering to personally board it for us while we were away. He did not have to do that, but he did. Mike and Megan took a lot of time and concern on informing us on the dogs car, (ALOT OF TIME). Even after the purchase of we called and visited the store with questions and concerns. Once again they took all the time we needed. The staff there is WONDERFUL. Their patience and concern for the pet and owner was well beyond our expectations.

As for the dog, we named him Fraiser, and he is doing great. Healthy and Happy. Thank You for helping us with one of the best commitments we ever made.

Vinny & Lisa

Randy & Kerri

Just wanted to take the time to say thanks for the puppy we purchased at Canine Corral. She is just great! The kids love her and she enjoys them. Definitely a part of the family.

Also the obedience training that was provided by Pete we found completely helpful and effective.

Randy & Kerri

Laura & Frank

Just a little note to let you know how much I appreciated your patience each time we came back to look at the Yorkies. Finally, we found the “perfect” one and it’sall because of you and the Canine Corral!
We are very happy with our new addition and will recommend you to everyone.
Her name is “Mindy” so we now have the perfect set… “Mork & Mindy.”

Thanks Again
Laura & Frank

(Mork &a Mindy thank you too!)

Molly & David Mandel

About 10 years ago, I entered your store for the first time, ostensibly looking for a puppy for a friend. As I was admiring a Dachshund, a 3-month-old-cream-colored Labrador retriever demanded I look his way.
His eyes locked on mine and I was instantly his.
We had a most wonderful eight and three-quarter years together. Cody was the sweetest, smartest, funniest, happiest, friendliest, most lovable dog I have ever had the privilege to know.
His outgoing personality and ability to communicate with his beautiful brown eyes caused all who knew him to forget he was a dog. Friends, relatives and neighbors would actually volunteer for the chance to baby-sit.
“Amazing” was the word we most often heard to describe him. His language comprehension was extensive, and my husband and I resorted to spelling to outwit him. But in no time he figured out g-o, o-u-t, t-a-k-e, r-i-d-e and t-r-u-c-k. Luckily for us, he never quite mastered v-e-h-i-c-l-e.
When he died of an acute bacterial infection (Leptospirosis) in January, his veterinarian, who heads one of the largest animal hospitals on Long Island, called Cody an “exceptional” and “remarkable” dog. He did not even display the usual signs of aging one would expect in a dog shy of 9, making his death all the more tragic. The vet and his staff, who had come to love him as we did, wept with us when he died.
Overwrought, I returned to Canine Corral to find out if the breeder as still breeding Cody’s bloodline. I learned that she had retired, but that you had just received a litter of yellow Labs from a different breeder, also know for producing intelligent dogs.
From that group, we picked Murphy. Murphy has proven to be a handsome and smart dog with incredible athletic abilities and a mind of his own. With your help and Megan’s, we have been training him to be a great dog. You and your staff have been kind and generous and patient with Murphy and us.
Over the years, we have recommended Canine Corral to friends and strangers alike and will continue to do so wholeheartedly. Here’s to another 38 years and many more great dogs!

With gratitude,
Molly & David Mandel