Teddy Bear Puppies at Canine Corral Kennels

The Teddy Bear is a designer dog that is a cross between a pure bred Bichon Frise and a pure bred Shih Tzu. The Teddy bear has been bred for both their looks, they look like a stuffed teddy bear,and their non shedding coats. These coats require weekly brushing. Most owners like to take their dog to the groomer as well. Haircuts make the dog’s hair easier to take care of. A slicker brush and metal comb are suggested to maintain the coat. These puppies are people-oriented, well mannered and very friendly.They are very affectionate and playful and make great family dogs. They love to cuddle and they love to play! Their small size make them a favorite with families with children. They are not too small and not too big. They are a sturdy, small breed that enjoy spending time with their owners. They will gladly accompany you on a daily walk or have fun in a dog park with friends. Teddy Bear’s are very obedient and train rather quickly. Owners praise their intelligence and many end up getting a second teddy bear to keep their first one company. Crate training is the best way to house break your pup. Dogs by nature are denning animals and enjoy the safety the crate provides them.

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