Pomeranian puppies for sale Long Island NY!

Pomeranian Puppies for sale Long Island NY

Pomeranian puppies are a large dog stuck in a small dogs body. Alert and lively the Pomeranian has a soft fluffy coat, sometimes likened to a fox. Pomeranians come in a variety of colors and make great apartment dogs. Their bright personalities make them quick to train and eager to please. Good as a family pet or as a solo companion. A Pomeranian can fit into any lifestyle.The Pomeranian is the smallest of the Spitz breeds. Despite its small size, the Pomeranian is allied to the larger Spitz breeds, like the Keeshond. They have a foxy outline to the head and nose and bright eyes. This breed has an intelligent expression and is always lively and looking to have fun. They also require weekly brushing on its thick dense coat. The recommended brush is called a slicker brush. This point brush helps get down to the thick undercoat. During the change of seasons, it is recommended to visit your groomer for help removing the undercoat. The coat changes with the seasons, getting thicker in winter and thinner in summer. A lot of Pomeranian owners have decided to cut the hair of the dog. A lion cut is a popular fun cut that is given.

  • Date of Birth: 7/2/2017
    Color: cream

  • Date of Birth: 7/19/2017
    Color: cream

  • Date of Birth: 7/19/2017
    Color: wolf sable

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