Yorkiepoo Information

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One of the most desirable designer dogs is the Yorkie-Poo. This hybrid is a cross between the pure bred Yorkshire terrier and the Miniature Poodle. Their small size makes them a favorite. The nonshedding hair also makes it a popular choice. Regular brushing is required to prevent the hair from getting knots. The suggested brush to use is called a slicker brush. That used in conjunction with a metal comb should keep you Yorkie-poo tangle free. Most owners use a professional groomer a few times a year as well. Since the Yorkie-poo is a part poodle, they train very quickly. They are bright and intelligent and eager to please their owner. Crate training works very quickly with this breed. They use the crate as their house and eat and sleep in there. Their small size allows them to be owned in both apartments or houses. They have little to no exercise requirements. A quick walk or a run around the yard and they are good. They are quiet by nature and do not require a lot of attention. Yorkie-poos love to be with their owners. They will be happy to join you to sit out in the yard or cuddle with you on the couch. The hybrids are known for the sturdy health.

  • Average Life Span: 12 - 15 years.
  • Activity level: Low - Moderate
  • Litter Size: 3 - 5 puppies.

Male Yorkiepoo

  • Height: 7.0″-15.0″
  • Weight: 10.0-20.0 lbs.

Female Yorkiepoo

  • Height: 7.0″-15.0″
  • Weight: 6.0-15.0 lbs.