Australian Shepherd Puppies for sale

Australian Shepherd is a very famous dog. Australian Shepherd puppies are also called Aussie puppies. Australian Shepherds were originally bred to herd livestock, so they require a lot of exercises. Australian Shepherds need weekly brushing to avoid matting. Australian Shepherd puppies are brilliant and can be trained to do extraordinary things. Australian Shepherd pups love to stick closely to their human pack, so they won’t like staying in the yard for long periods. Australian Shepherd puppies love to play and love your attention. Get your Australian Shepherd puppy at Canine Corral.

Canine Corral works closely with our highly reputable dog breeders to offer our Australian Shepherd puppies for sale. Visit Canine Corral at 1845 New York Ave Huntington Station, Long Island NY 11746.

  • Average Life Span: 10 - 12 years.
  • Activity level: med
  • Male Weight: 55.0 - 70.0 pounds.
  • Female Weight: 35.0 - 55.0 pounds.
  • Male Height: 20.0 - 23.0 inches.
  • Female Height: 18.0 - 21.0 inches.
 puppies for sale at Canine Corral Huntington Station, NY 11746

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