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Canine Corral Kennels opened in August 1963. For the past 50 years, we have been providing the highest quality puppies for families in NY. We have been serving Nassau, Suffolk, and all of the tri-state area. Our customers continue to come back to us for advice, puppies, and all of our high quality food, toys, and dog supplies.

Our puppies are bred strictly for health and temperament by us and our professional breeders. We set our standards high and are the ONLY kennel to offer an unmatched 5 year health guarantee on all of our puppies.

In 2014, Canine Corral was proud to be voted #1 in New York by the American Canine Association. Our strict standards have made it obvious that we are not content with being average. We strive to be the best in every category. That is what makes us the most recommended kennel to find your new puppy.

To ensure your long term happiness, Canine Corral provides a free training course for you and your new puppy. You will be assigned a personal trainer who will provide continuous support throughout the training process.

All puppies at Canine Corral are checked daily by licensed veterinarians and receive a the highest level of care. All puppies are up to date on their current vaccinations and de-wormings.


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Health Guarantee

vetAt Canine Corral Kennels, our puppies are bred for health and temperament. We offer both pure breed and designer breed puppies. Our breeders are held to the highest standards. Our team of veterinarians insist that our breeders follow a strict vaccine and de-worming schedule. They are up to date on the newest products and are always making sure the best care is given to our puppies. To ensure optimal health, all of our puppies are checked daily by licensed veterinarians. The puppies receive the highest level of care. All Canine Corral Puppies are up to date on their vaccinations and de-wormings. Rest assured when you buy a dog from us, that we set our standards high and are proud to be the only kennel to offer an Unmatched 5 Year Health Guarantee on all of our puppies. Our  puppies are fed all natural organic dog food. We also give all of our puppies a specialized vitamin program. The vitamins provide supportive care to the skin, coat and joints of your growing puppy. We strive to impress you. That is why we have been in business for over 50 Years!  Please come into Canine Corral and a representative will explain this further.



At this point, I am sure everyone has heard about microchips in animals. However most people do not under stand how the microchips work. A Microchip is inserted under the skin in between your puppies shoulder blades. This procedure is done very quickly and is virtually painless. This microchip does not contain GPS. That is the most confusing part of this important tool. So what does the chip do for you and your dog? That is a great question. This microchip helps ensure positive identification of your new puppy. If your puppy gets lost and is taken to a veterinary clinic or animal shelter, your puppy’s microchip will be scanned to reveal his ID number. That number will be called into the puppy recovery service, and you will be contacted! For this reason, it is very important to register this microchip number in your name. Please remember to keep your contact information up to date. If you move, please update your information, or the chip will be useless.
This very important tool will help reunite you and your puppy if they were to get out and get lost! We help reunite many families with their pets every month.

Puppy Training

puppy training

Canine Corral has been providing puppies to the families in the tri state area for 50 years. When you purchase your new puppy from Canine Corral, you get assigned your own personal dog trainer. Regardless of your work schedule, training a puppy is do-able for everyone. Canine Corral trainers are up to date on all the current and modern training methods that become available. Crate training, playpen training and the use of wee wee pads are all common methods that are taught.  You will go over your schedule in detail and they will make a custom plan for you to train your puppy. The puppy training (housebreaking and crate training) process will be simplified by our professional dog trainers.By educating you on training, you will be successful and then you will be happy!  You and your trainer will be communicating to help you stay on track with your personalized plan when you buy a puppy. We are available 7 days a week/ 364 days a year for your convenience. When you buy a puppy at Canine Corral Kennels, you become a member of a large family that has been growing since 1967! Please come into Canine Corral today to speak to one of our breed specialists to help you choose the right breed for your family!